About UFU

UFU is an international advocacy organisation that is dedicated to restoring the federal system of governance in Uganda. The following are the 13 proposed federal states of Uganda;

1.Acholi 2.Ankole, 3.Buganda 4.Bugisu-Sebei 5.Bukedi 6.Bunyoro 7.Busoga, 8.Karamoja 9.Kigezi 10.Lango 11.Teso 12.Tooro 13.West Nile-Madi

Our New Government standing resolutely for unwavering political stability, igniting a period of rapid and equitable prosperity, and championing a transformative socio-economic revolution that defines a new era of progress and opportunity for Uganda.

• UFU seeks to unlock the full potential of every Ugandan by fostering a government that values talent, initiative, and continuous learning.

• UFU strives for a government that reflects the richness and diversity of Uganda, where individuals with exceptional skills and dedication can flourish, driven by a shared responsibility to serve the nation.

Our Vision

Protect Liberty at Any Price.

Our Mission

Establish a democratic federal republic in Uganda characterized by freedom, stability, and prosperity, while fostering peaceful coexistence with other nations.

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