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Our model federal constitution addresses the following key areas of the new federal Uganda. Its subject to further discussion and improvement.

Resolving economy issues
Tax reforms
Introducing taxation improvements
Providing better environmental policy
Investing in state education
Health care
Better health care for everyone
Introducing taxation improvements

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What People Say

"Ugandans have a right to demand a federal system of governance. It is part of the right to democracy which should be enjoyed by all Ugandans. Under a federal system the people will preserve and be in charge of their cultural institutions, the federal state economy and an appropriate or equitable taxation system to fund their economic activities, stimulate development and ensure justice for all Ugandans."
Dr. Mubiru Musoke Phd.
Ugandan Professor

Our vision
Protect Liberty At Any Price.

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Essay competition winners.

by UFU
Dec 12, 2022 at 00:00
Behind the curtains, Museveni who claimed to have brought peace is the same person who orders, supports, and empowers the different security organs to kill, torture, abduct innocent Ugandans.